Cenegenics Reviews

On a scale of one to 5 stars, I give you all a 6+ star rating.

Youtube Cover Photo V5(1.15.19) S. B., Vacaville, Ca writes . . . My evaluation with Dr. Socol was great and together we are seeing wonderful results. Dr. Socol is the best and I always really look forward to my time with him.

 My consultations with Juliana Jason on diet and exercise and are great. She is so helpful on tweaking my diet and exercise programs. Together we are really making headway.

 I began my program with you in August 06. 2018. Juliana and I met in your San Francisco office on 12.19.2018 for a body composition analysis and overall review. At that time I had lost 15.8 lbs of fat while gaining 12.8 lbs of muscle. Yahoo! Juliana suggested I try your pre work out formula and recovery formula . I am doing that and I am really seeing continued results in increasing strength and fat loss. Ya!

 Overall, every Cenegenics team member up and down the line has been exceptional to work with. I could not be more please and complimentary. On a scale of one to 5 stars, I give you all a 6+ star rating.

 Have a wonderful day.