Cenegenics Reviews

Steve joined Cenegenics and it changed his life


Steve Hardie Joined Cenegenics and it changed his life. Steve has taken control of his health and now is running marathons.
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Cenegenics Reviews

The Patient Services team is truly five-star

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The Patient Services team is truly five-star. I have totally embraced the complete Cenegenics program. My exercise and diet have changed dramatically, and it is easy to stick to when you see the results. I am seeing dramatic results. I have lost 2 inches of abdominal fat, from a 36″ waist to a 34″ waist in only the first 6 weeks. No matter what I did, for the last 6 years I wasn’t able to lose the fat. I remember asking my doctor last year about the abdominal fat and his answer was “well you are over 50”! Not the answer I wanted to hear. I am extremely happy with all the results both mentally and physically. My Cenegenics physician is a fantastic doctor in all aspects. My wife is so impressed with my progress; she will probably make an appointment. Cenegenics works.
J.E. Las Vegas, NV