Cenegenics Reviews

The Patient Services team is truly five-star

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The Patient Services team is truly five-star. I have totally embraced the complete Cenegenics program. My exercise and diet have changed dramatically, and it is easy to stick to when you see the results. I am seeing dramatic results. I have lost 2 inches of abdominal fat, from a 36″ waist to a 34″ waist in only the first 6 weeks. No matter what I did, for the last 6 years I wasn’t able to lose the fat. I remember asking my doctor last year about the abdominal fat and his answer was “well you are over 50”! Not the answer I wanted to hear. I am extremely happy with all the results both mentally and physically. My Cenegenics physician is a fantastic doctor in all aspects. My wife is so impressed with my progress; she will probably make an appointment. Cenegenics works.
J.E. Las Vegas, NV

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